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किसी तरह मेरे फोन पर कैलेंडर केवल 2015 वार्षिक कैलेंडर दिखा रहा है। मैं दैनिक कार्यक्रम देखने के लिए कैसे वापस आऊं?



यह इस तरह होगा:

Launch the Calendar app on your iPhone.
By default, you'll normally see a month view.

Tap on the list button in the top navigation to combine month view with a summary view underneath it. 

जिस दिन आप टैप करेंगे, उसके बाद उस दिन की सभी घटनाओं को दिखाएगा।

Tap the month in the upper left to pan out to year view.

Alternately, from month view, you can also tap any day on the calendar to view a day view. Keep in mind that in order for day view to work, you need to have the list option turned off in month view.

Lastly, tap the list button in the top of day view in order to view a scrollable endless stream of all of your events.
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